Charles' Competition

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A competition organized by Malaysian racer Charles. First season started in 2001, and Fdzierva became champion with 3 wins. Zak McKracken took 2nd place and Bonzai Joe was 3rd. Competition was stopped in April 2002 after the second track (CT10) of the second season was released.


1.Download the track of the month. 2.Send the replay to me. 3.Penalty time is your problem. 4.Do not edit the contest track. 5.You may use any car you like. 6.You may submit as many entries as you like. 7.You may take shortcuts. 8.Points awarded: 1st:10 2nd:6 3rd:4 4th:3 5th:2 6th:1 is the most important rule..... Have Fun :)

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