Corkscrew up/down

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The corkscrew up/down, often referred to as cork u/d, is a track element used as an alternative to straightforward ramps for entering or exiting elevated roads. A cork u/d is a long, walled spiral ramp which does a full revolution around its axis. Unlike corks l/r and loops, there are both left-handed and right-handed corks u/d, both varieties being able to be positioned in four different ways, totalling eight distinct orientations - the most for any track element. The small radius of the spiral means it must be driven carefully at very low speeds, thus making the corks u/d one of the most annoying track elements in all of Stunts.

Avoiding a cork u/d

IRC rules forbid any way of driving past a cork u/d other than the standard line, and NoRH racing can make many of the alternative options impracticable. If such restrictions are not present competition racers will always try to find ways to avoid the extremely slow regular way of doing corks u/d, however difficult that might turn out to be. Arguably, the only situation in which the standard line may be the most effective option is when the cork u/d leads to a long, inaccessible elevated road section and power gear is not an option. Possible tricks which may be possible depending on the track configuration include:

  • Straightforward leaping over the cork u/d (most commonly descending ones);
  • Using the outer wall at the entrance of ascending corks u/d for small jumps, which may ease grass/water cuts;
  • Coasting along the outer edge of elevated roads leading to descending corks u/d;
  • Inducing magic carpets from the top of descending corks u/d/;
  • Using collision bugs to pass through the walls and drop from descending corks u/d. Doing so requires low speeds and, obviously, RH.