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NoRH, short for "No Replay Handling", is a modality of racing where competitiors are not allowed to pause, rewind or load saved replays during their hotlaps, thus enforcing that every lap must be concluded in a single run and that mistakes can only be corrected by restarting from the beginning. Although NoRH has for long being argued as the purest form of racing by racers opposing the use of Replay Handling (RH), Stunts' replay management system does not allow to prove RH was not employed (see explanation here: RH Hiding), and thus NoRH races were held in the basis of mutual trust between competitors. SDR was the first competition to officially support NoRH racing making use of video footage as a tool of validation. SDR NoRH contest is continued by Krys Toff's Feel The Thrill contest, innaugurated in 2008.