From Stunts Wiki website as of June 2023 is a German-speaking community forum dedicated to DOS games. The forum covers a great spectrum of topics including the games themselves, but also old hardware and all sorts of discussion. It's home page is located at

Stunts tournament

DOSReloaded gained considerable attention from the online Stunts community in January 2023, when some of our members decided to join the foreign forum to participate in an ongoing Stunts competition happening in the site. Although the tournament had been running since early 2019, it was at this point when real interaction first occurred between the communities.

Their tournament is managed by posting directly on the forum and they don't perform actual verification of replays, but rely on trust by simply sharing a screenshot. This fact and the participation of a particular racer called Mooh who appeared to always win with great difference (suggesting potential cheating, and with ease, thanks to the lack of verification) prompted some racers to try and show our way of verification to them. The result was that the forum people felt invaded and that their ways were not being respected and reacted negatively. Our racers decided to withdraw and excuse themselves for the sake of peace.