Default (replay)

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Every distribution of Stunts that has been published includes a number of tracks and replays. The contents and how many of these may vary, but all of them come with a default track and replay within files names conveniently DEFAULT.TRK and DEFAULT.RPL. This articles refers to the latter.

While you can load tracks and replays freely in Stunts, the default track and replay must be present for the game to work properly. The default track is loaded when you reach the main menu so that you can go ahead and drive directly and the default replay is loaded if the game is left idle at the main screen for a while and it auto-plays. If either of these files is not found, the game crashes when trying to load it. However, the contents of these files don't have to be the original, which has led to some diversity depending on the version and of the particular copy one has.

There is very good agreement on which is the original default track, as it's present in almost every distribution. When this is not the case, we assume the game copy was tampered with. With the default replay, this is less clear. The most recognised default replay runs on a track that does not come included with any copy of Stunts. Nevertheless, because replay files contain both the track and the track file name the were raced on, it has been possible to recover this track we know as Vancouver or VANCOUVR.TRK. Other replays found in the default file are run mostly on the Default track.