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"IMSA" redirects here. For the IMSA-only competition managed by Krys Toff, see IMSA Cup.

In Stunts, the term IMSA car originally referred to the Porsche 962 IMSA and the Jaguar XJR9 IMSA, cars which were liberally modelled after IMSA GT cars from the 80's. Both cars share many traits on-track, such as high acceleration and top speed (around 215mph), smooth handling relative to most of the other available cars, lack of Power Gear and inability to get beyond the flat track top speed through jumping. These characteristics add up to a distinctive and convincing race-car feeling, and make them an ever-popular choice among racers. Some custom cars also share the general IMSA characteristics, and thus the term usage is extended to them. From these, Alan Rotoi's Melange is by far the most notable example of an "unofficial" IMSA car. More recently, the term has been applied to Mark L. Rivers' Speedgate XSD; in this case, though, the accuracy of the designation is debatable due to some important differences in Speedgate's behaviour when compared to canonical IMSA cars - most remarkably the large gap between flat track and real top speeds.