KHR and JTK's World of Stunts Driving

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KHR and JTK's World of Stunts Driving is a Stunts related website online since 1998. It was developed in a time when the Stunts community communicated via e-mailinglist and at a real-life-stunts related forum homepage. You could download the Stunts versions BB 1.0, BB 1.1 and MS 1.0 from there. The most active Stunts contest at that time was the one hosted by Lukas Loehrer. When he ended his contest in 1998 he left a vacuum in the virtual way of Stunts racing, so the designers of KHR and JTK's World of Stunts Driving, KHR and JTK soon decided to start the Kalpen Competition at their page which soon grew and became quite famous.

Nowadays the site is still there, sometimes some contest activities happen and still many informations are to be seen. Its design is as ancient as the end-nineties style is today.