Roy Forever

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kArXiX (formerly known as Roy Forever)
Nationality: Lebanese
Location: Ballouneh, Lebanon
Born: 1984-11-24
Team: unknown
First race: ctrack02 (September 1998)
Championship titles: 2nd place in Kalpen's Competition (1998)
as of October 2022

Lebanese racer debuted in 1998 with a triumph in ctrack02. He managed his own Stunts site "The Stunts/4D Sports Driving Ultimate Site". He also managed a competition called The Ultimate Contest but it was unsuccessful, only JTK participated besides him. The competition was a copycat of Kalpen Competition recipe also taken from Stunts Grand Prix.

List of Roy Forever's cars

Picture Car Flat Speed Top Speed 0-60 mph 0-100 mph Comments
The Phantom ? 245mph ? ? ? From 1998. RX62 AFTERBURNER
Turbo Racer ? 245mph ? ? From 1998.