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CTG: Just an idea: let's make a table about dates of join, as an addition to Age of Stunts racers. It would be also interesting to see... :)

That's a nice idea... but should everyone (when possible, of course) fill in its own join date according to his/hers own perception or instead we should adopt an standard measure (e.g. date of first replay sending to an international competition)? --Duplode 00:51, 31 August 2008 (CEST)

CTG: both solutions are good. But I guess many of us have no clue about the exact date, knowing only the month of appearance or the track's name.

CHULK: CTG is right. I don't remember when I joined the commmunity. Maybe Zak can find when I registered in Zakstunts in 2005 (or else you should count me in from 2nd track that year, as I didn't take part in the 1st one), though I should say the date I joined 4dstunts League (no idea about it...)