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A World Stunts Meeting is a meeting with a pre-set date and place, where pipsqueaks from all around the world can meet each other, race stunts, do live stunts, and have fun. Although it is called a world meeting, by far only European pipsqueaks have gathered. Until now there were three WSM:

  1. 2004: Budapest, Hungary. Host: Zak McKracken; participants: Akoss Poo, Bonzai Joe, CTG, Dinmor, JTK, KHR, Usrin
  2. 2005: Aarhus, Denmark. Host: Bonzai Joe; participants: Aignur, Akoss Poo, Diesel Joe, Dinmor, JTK, Krys Toff, Zak McKracken
  3. 2006: Budapest/Kazincbarcika, Hungary. Host: Zak McKracken; participants: Akoss Poo, Bonzai Joe, CTG, Dinmor, JTK, Lise, Usrin

In 2007, though planned, there was no WSM organized.
In 2008, Zak McKracken organized a one day mini-WSM with 5 participants (Akoss Poo, Bonzai Joe, CTG, Usrin) in Budapest.
After many years without Stunts meetings, Zak McKracken moved back to Hungary and offered to host WSM 2015.
In 2022, November 15, Daniel3D organised a one day mini-WSM with 3 participants total (Daniel3D, Overdrijf and Cas), plus Cas's girlfriend, who didn't play Stunts.

History of World Stunts Meetings

WSM 2004, Budapest

WSM 2005, Aarhus

WSM 2006, Budapest/Kazincbarcika

(Mini) WSM 2008, Budapest

(Mini) WSM 2022, Culemborg, Netherlands

Cas and his girlfriend were touring in Europe and spent five days of the trip in the Netherlands, one of which, the 15th of November, they stayed in Culemborg, where Daniel3D lives. On learning about the event, Overdrijf decided to also visit the town that day for a gathering and maybe play some Stunts. Daniel3D reserved a venue in the Culemborg in which the four people had dinner (made by Daniël) and the three racers played Stunts for about an hour, uploading a few replays to the running tournaments. No live racing was done.