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Orion was founded by Mingva and Alain in June 2002. The team became ZakStunts champions in 2003 and 2006 seasons.

Season 2002. Founding a team

Logo orion.jpg

It all began in the chatroom and on the forum. A novice Stunts racer Mingva seemed to keep stats for the #stunts channel as he stayed online all day. By that time, Alain was searching for some method to be better in his favorite abandonware game. After some lovely talks on chat, Mingva and Alain agreed to start racing together.

From ZakStunts news:
* 09/06/2002 Mingva founded a new team named Orion.
* 10/06/2002 We have a new driver, Alain from France. He joined the team Orion. Welcome!

First races and the first victory

The first race for Orion team probably was ZCT Plus#1 track in ZakStunts. Alain writes: "I remember Mingva committing harder in the Plus competition. He showed me incredible things with the indy car, and I tried to do like him without being able to reach his time until the very last days". Mingva finished 3rd, losing only to Roy Wiegerinck and Bonzai Joe. Alain was 6th, meaning the teamwork made them stronger than the average.

Another race was on ZCT15 track, which ended in 15 July. Using automatic gear wasn't a good option to catch the rhythm of the leaders. But as planned, both finished in points: Alain in 9th place while Mingva just behind, 10th. Alan Rotoi was driving for his first podium there.

Meanwhile, Orion members decided to take a challenge (as well as to gain experience) in another Stunts contest. By this time, two Austrian drivers Pershing II and Ruepel maintained the ISA competition. In that time Alain simply was unable to toggle sixth gear in jumps, loops and relevant parts of the tracks. Both team drivers finished last on Adelaide. No better result was to expect from the next track, London.

In July something began to change for Orion. The team had to know victory and success. Not on ZCT16, where Alain drove a red Acura NSX named 'jodie red special' and earned a podium! But ZCT Plus#2 was a real Orion triumph. The first victory for the team was achieved by Mingva, after couple of intense competition days. Alain just could not follow the pace. The car was Skoda Felicia Kompressor, a very fast and tricky one, that bumped your eyes out of your head when you brake, and that accelerate out of control in a twinkling of an eye.

Three new drivers

After the first victory, the team started to assimilate new drivers. In 5 August Krys Toff joined Orion. A french driver who started professionally in France Stunts Championship (maintained by Alain), added much to Orion team thanks to his fighting spirit and great ambitions.

The third historical driver of Orion team joined in 5 September. It was Leo Ramone from Brazil. Leo started his international racing career in ISA competition as a member of his own team LabOnLine.

In 10 November on the chatroom, place where all the racers wanted to be, Mingva met Argammon, former member of the Euroteam MasterStunts team. Argammon spoke about exchanging replays, but after a short discussion made a stunning move to young Orion team. His points came to Orion team that helped to reach the 4th place in ZakStunts team rankings, teasing the Looping Warriors.

Each of those drivers tried to add their points and professionalism to the team. But only Krys Toff had a constant, powerful career on the same level as Mingva and Alain. Leo always drove automatic gears... an outdated driving device that costed ten seconds a lap. Argammon never tried hard to force his incredible talent, hence inherited the reputation of a lazy driver.

Struggling for the podium

After Alain's podium on ZCT16, the next race was a failure. But not ZCT18 where Alain finished 2nd and won the first leading time points of history. Interesting moment, because during that race Orion team suffered a first crisis. It must have come from some stupid complains about an ISA competition, administrated then by Mingva. Anger in the forum and in emails lasted from 17 to 19 October. Alain simply decided to quit Orion and so founded Hyperion team, trying to make Krys Toff and Leo Ramone join him... sad. But finally 'il professore' accepted the truth and rejoined: "my behavior was excessively hard, and I could not win races by arguing... only by racing harder than speaking".

Then ZCT19 was an average race once more. But not ZCT20. Here Alain sent a podium replay on the last days, offered by the lack of motivation from the top racers, that played no more for the championship crown as Bonzai Joe already was secured the 1st place in ZakStunts'2002.

Season 2003. Champions!!!

It was a Golden Era for Orion team. ZakStunts season started with Dual League. Alain with Argammon started in Pro but soon Krys Toff and Mingva promoted there as well. Only Leo Ramone spent all the time in amateur division. Race after race Alain climbed to the 1st place in ZakStunts'2003 competition and Orion won team championship!!!

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Season 2004. Taking a break

After unforgettable season in 2003, Orion team adventure was over. Krys Toff stated the need for change, and announced his desire to race just for pleasure. Leo Ramone was released from the team, Alain and Mingva said goodbye to Orion as well. But Orion founders couldn't race without each other, so at the end of January 2004 they formed Mimas Racing team.

Season 2005. Reconnection

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