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4D Sports Driving Car Editor (also named CarEdit3) is a graphical DOS program written in the Pascal programming language with the purpose of editing 4D Sports Driving / Stunts CAR*.RES files.


The program allows the modification of car parameters (original and almost every custom car added to the game) separated into feature sections:

  • Garage:
    • List cars for handling RES files;
    • Copy, rename or delete entire cars in a convenient way;
    • Spare car management (using a configurable separate folder).
  • Engine:
    • Advanced power curve editing (single values or entire ranges);
    • Adjust idle RPM, max RPM and gear shift RPM values.
  • Gears:
    • Number of gears and their ratios with equalizer function;
    • RPM/velocity diagram with shifting scenarios;
    • Dashboard gear console pattern coordinates.
  • Misc:
    • Car dimensions and collision parameters;
    • Wheel coordinates with 3D shape coordinate calculation.
  • Text:
    • Automatic correction of length/offsets in RES files on save.
  • GFX:
    • Change movable dashboard elements on speedometer (analog/digital);
    • Rev counter and wheel position coordinates.

Development and features

This tiny program was developed by dm_s1e6 and initially published on the Stunts Forum in 2014. Version 3 was the first to be released, although it was stated that this was still a "beta" version.

An older version of the program called CarEdit2 was created in the late 90s but was never published.

CarEdit3 offers a simple way of editing car parameters that is superior to Car Blaster but retains the use of the keyboard for input control. It is characterized by intense flickering caused by a lack of optimization in the rendering routine. This is most noticeable while editing the power curve.

The program was later updated and released in 2021 by Zapper with permission from dm_s1e6 who shared the program's source code for adding refinements and features.

Version 3.2 changes:

  • Information that helps with the modification of parameters;
  • More graphical elements displayed;
  • Spare car management that supports all car file name formats.

In 2023 Duplode contributes with new enhancements on RES file loading and saving operations.

Version 3.3 changes:

  • Read the CAR*.RES file resources in any order, for compatibility with different editors.


V3.1: CarEdit3 v3.1 - Engine screen CarEdit3 v3.1 - GFX screen CarEdit3 v3.1 - Misc screen

V3.2: CarEdit3 v3.2 - Garage screen

V3.3: CarEdit3 v3.3 - Garage screen

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