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Nationality: Argentinian
Location: La Plata, Argentina
Born: 1985-08-30
Team: Meganium Aces High
First race: ZCT48 (February 2005)
Championship titles: SDR NoRH (2006)
as of February 2015

Chulk is an active Argentinian racer who debuted in 2005. Member of Meganium Aces High, he is one of the latest on his team dynasty of world-class racers, and a very active member of the community as well. Has achieved a ZakStunts victory, on ZCT57, and reached third place overall on ZakStunts season 2007. He also was champion of SDR NoRH and third place overall in SDR RH in 2006. 2nd place in SDR RH and SDR NoRH in 2007.