Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

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Ford Crown Victoria

Police Interceptor

Designer: Alan Rotoi
Released: 2022
Game version: 1.1
Engine specs: V-8 Front Engine
Torque peak at: 9045rpm
Max horsepower (est.): 331HP
Transmission: 4
0-60mph: 5.5s
0-100mph: 11.3s
Half mile: ?
Flat track top speed: 192mph
Real top speed : 200mph
Performance data refers to BB 1.1 version unless the car is for 1.0 versions only.

Ford LTD Crown Victoria from 1983 is the police interceptor that appears in Test Drive 2 & The Duel game. Since there are alredy built cars such Ferrari F40, Porsche 959 or Lotus Esprit Turbo SE it looked like a good idea to bring their antagonist police car too. The maximum speed for "Crown Vic" is 192 mph but in certain conditions after 130 mph it has a powergear to instantly reach 200mph. This boost is limited to the track. If one wheel touches the grass the car will loose the boost. It's a similar powergear as Acura NSX has but only works on the track as if the law preferred the "stay in track" rules.

The car was lauched with a promo video:

Stunts - Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Distinctive elements

This is the first police car in the game. Also it has a particular horizontal speedometer. When a gear activated it shows the gear indicator of the dashboard instead of the gearstick and the knob. The blue and red lights over the patrol are inverted in the car2 mask to simulate they are turned on at the distance.


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