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GAR – Gentlemen's Agreement Rules


1. Replay handling is not allowed

A lap must be driven from start to end without any interruption or pause, and especially without the use of Replay Handling.

2. No shortcuts, follow the yellow line

At least one pixel of the car must always be on, over, or in contact with the road surface. This means that a lap is not valid if the car leaves the track. The “Road surface” is considered to be only the asphalt (or dirt, or ice) part of the track. This means that red-white kerbe, side walls on the ramp, etc. are not valid surface.

Whether you gain or lose time is not important, leaving the road invalidates the replay

3. Replay validation

GAR replays will usually be peer-reviewed to check that the races did not take shortcuts. For consistent results, this is done viewing the replay using Stunts' "fixed camera" view with the camera set in a specific position: in replay mode, press F3, then press Ctrl-Right 3 times, then Ctrl-Up 10 times. This way, the view will show the roof of the car, with the nose pointing toward the top of the screen.

While it is possible to hide the replay bar and show the car interior pressing, respectively, R and D, checking the replay should be done in the default configuration, with only the replay bar visible.

4. Driving through stunts element

Stunts and special elements should be traversed without cutting or using them to speed-up the car.

In particular:

  • 4.a Divided highways: do not use it the inside wall to jump and speed-up
  • 4.b Corkscrews: enter and exit the corkscrew following the yellow line without jumping above wall, cutting outside the ramp, or trying to speed-up artificially
  • 4.c Loops: perform the loop following the yellow line, without cutting through the middle, or on the outside
  • 4.d Slalom blocks: the car should drive between the blocks; exploiting the bug that allows cars to drive through the concrete barriers invalidates the lap
  • 4.e Half-pipes: traverse the pipe without speeding-up using side-wall jumps

5. Involuntary speed-ups

Speed-ups caused by entering or leaving a banked road are common and often unavoidable, and therefore considered valid. For courtesy, you should publicly apologise for the lucky conditions, as tennis players do when touching the net.

6. Lap video recording

When running Stunts inside DosBox, it is possible to record a video of the performance pressing Ctrl-Alt-F5.

Although this is not compulsory, it can be useful to brag about your NoRH skill with a wider audience. If you expect your lap to be very strong, other players might also ask for proof of clean driving, so recording a video will clear any doubts.


A video recorded by Marco is available with more details: