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Racer photo done by Alain
Nationality: Lithuanian
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Born: 1978-09-03
Team: Average Joe
First race: ZCT14 (May 2002)
Championship titles: 4D Stunts League (2003)
as of February 2015

Mingva is a Lithuanian racer who debuted in May 2002, being a member of the Golden Generation. He formed the original incarnation of the highly successful Orion team together with Alain. After the end of the ISA competition in 2002, he also became the manager of its successor, the IRC (Indy Racing Cup), one of the key Stunts competitions from that era. Mingva was, additionally, the main responsible for making usage of Advanced Replay Handling, the universal RH Hiding technique. On track, his best results were ZakStunts victories on ZCT Plus#2 and ZCT32, where Alain slowed down at the end to let his teammate win.

A highly active community member at first, Mingva gradually faded away from community life, and in 2004 his main contribution to the community was some nasty flamewars with Akoss Poo and CTG. During these flamewars, Mingva became part of a well-known rhyme: "Mingva le van fingva", made up by the Looping Warriors, which means Somebody farted on Mingva.

Mingva retired from Stunts racing at the end of 2004 season, but still made two minor attempts in 2005. However, in June 2009 he would make a striking comeback to both community life and competition under the alias Paradisio.