Porsche Carrera 4

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Porsche Carrera 4
Designer: Original car
Released: 1990
Game version: All
Engine specs: SOHC Flat-6, 3600cc
Torque peak at: 4875rpm
Max horsepower (est.): 250HP
Transmission: 5-speed
0-60mph: 5.5s
0-100mph: 13.7s
Half mile: 22.10s
Flat track top speed: 166mph
Real top speed : 178mph
Performance data refers to BB 1.1 version unless the car is for 1.0 versions only.

The Porsche Carrera 4 is one of the eleven cars originally included in Stunts. It can be included among the so-called "slow cars" category, as it is placed, in terms of straight line performance, between the slower Audi and the faster NSX. The Carrera, however, lacks both the Power Gear capabilities of the latter and the potential for speed boosting by jumps of the former. In fact, arguably the most noticeable feature of Carrera's handling is its featurelessness, being relatively predictable, well-mannered and devoid of bugs. Such traits have given to it a reputation of a boring car, and thus it is rather unpopular among racers and contest managers alike. On the flip side, these same characteristics make Carrera driving a more realistic experience than most in-game alternatives, and eventually proved influential on the approach taken to the design of the Nissan Skyline.

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