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Stunts competition managers will occasionally hold races in tracks already used in the past, often for nostalgia reasons, for celebrating a particularly great circuit or even as an experiment in comparing past and present lap times. Here is a relation of some retro races in competition history:

Retro track Original track
Nagybácsa (USC; April 2004) Arrabona (USC; January 2003)
ZCT41 (Back In Time; July/August 2004) ZCT14 (May 2002)
ZCT65 (Battle With Roy; July 2006) ZCT07 (October 2001)
Dubai (USL 2007, Round 3) ZCT13 (April 2002)
CTRACK2007b (Kalpen, June/July 2007) Lukas One (vintage Lukas Loehrer track, 1995)
Everglades (SDR NoRH, November 2007) Everglades, winner of TDC 2003
ZCT79 (Default; December 2007) Default (Permanent Competition)
Záhony (USC, March 2008) Jordan (ancient home contest of Looping Warriors, 1998)
T408 (JACStunts, February 2009) Road America (IMSA Cup, June 2003)
ZCT104 (Back In Time Again; February 2010) ZCT22 (February 2003)
ZCT110 (The Unskilled; August 2010) Test One (USC pre-season; December 2002)
ZCT118 (Joe's Summer; May 2011) Joe's (Permanent Competition)
ZCT145 (Euro Zone 2013; August 2013) ZCT44 (Euro Zone, October 2004)
Ottawa (USC; April/May 2014) Eagle (ancient Akoss Poo track; 1997)
ZCT154 (El Crash; May 2014) CT7 (October? 2001)
ZCT156 (CTRACK15; July 2014) CTRACK15 (Kalpen Competition, October 1999)
ZCT157 (Damn Left!; August 2014) ZCT67 (Damn Right!, September 2006)