Silver Spirit

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Silver Spirit was a Hungary-based Stunts racing team founded in 2005. Members through its history included Navras, Dottore and Zweigelt. Silver Spirit's favourite playing field was UnskilledStunts and related competitions, where it achieved multiple individual and team titles, spearheaded by Dottore.

The Silver Spirit scandal

In June 2011, CTG made it known that racers of the by then largely inactive Silver Spirit team were, in fact, his ghosts. The revelation thrown the Stunts community into a rather serious crisis, marked by general bewilderment and differences in reactions to the unfolding events, and compounded by prevailing low levels of racer activity and morale at the time. CTG himself went into self-imposed exile (notoriously deleting his forum account), though he was eventually reintegrated to the community. By the end of 2011, the fallout had subsided, with the only casualty being Mark L. Rivers, who, due to the context of his long-standing feud with CTG, reacted by quitting Stunts altoegether.