World Master Championship Stunts

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The World Master Championship Stunts, or WMCS for short, is Roy Wiegerinck's competition. Its roots lie deep into the Golden Generation era, as a first edition of WMCS was set up in 2002 but unfortunately never got past its qualifying round. Upon returning to the community several years later, Roy restored his contest, now as a Kalpen-style Indy tournament. The first season of the new WMCS started on November 2009 and ran for most of 2010. Sadly, it was plagued by inconstant racer attendance, and eventually was suspended before the twelfth and final race.

Medal table

Only results of officially finished races (ten first rounds of season 2009/2010) are included.

Rank Racer 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Gutix 5 4 1
2 AbuRaf70 3 2 3
3 SuperBrian 2 3 2
4 Duplode 1 0 1
5 Mark L. Rivers 1 0 0
6 Renato Biker 0 1 0

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