Zak McKracken

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Zak McKracken
Nationality: Hungarian
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Born: 1981-12-17
Team: Cork's Crew
First race: CTRACK09 (Kalpen, 1999)
Championship titles: none
as of February 2015

An active racer since 2000, best known for managing the ZakStunts competition, hosting and organizing World Stunts Meeting in 2004 and 2006; and despite being a fairly skilled racer, never ever winning a single track in his career. He's also famous for hosting several Stunts sites under the domain, being the admin of Stunts Forum and the former #Stunts chatroom at IRC.

A native of Budapest, Hungary, though was nased in Shanghai, China during 2011-2014. After his relocation back to Budapest and 15 years of actively managing ZakStunts, his involvement has gradually started to decline, eventually leading to dreadnaut taking over site management and administration and culminating in almost two full years of complete absence from anything Stunts related in 2019-2020.

He has made a soft comeback late 2020, enjoying racing and community participation again, albeit with definitely lower intensity.


Zak McKracken raced under the nickname Mft in Kalpen 1999.