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Feel The Thrill, also known as FTT, is a NoRH Stunts contest managed by Krys Toff that employs DOSBox video capture for lap recording. It is the spiritual successor to the SDR NoRH contest held on 2006 and 2007. FTT's inaugural season started on April 20th, 2008, races being held on a tri-weekly schedule in order to give each original car a round up to the end of the year. The first season was characterized by the development of the on-track rivalries started at SDR. Duplode eventually emerged victorious, after defending his position from a very strong reaction by Mark L. Rivers during the second half of the season. FTT's second and current season was to span through all of 2009, while sticking to three week rounds and introducing some custom cars, as well as a leading time bonus system. After its fifth round, however, FTT entered an hiatus, from which it is yet to come back from.

Season Podiums

2008 season

Rank Racer Team Points
1 Duplode No team 67
2 Mark L. Rivers No team 59
3 Chulk Meganium Aces High 35

Medal Table

Note: Includes results of FTT0205, which were not formally confirmed by Krys Toff.

Rank Racer 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Duplode 10 4 2
2 Mark L. Rivers 5 5 2
3 Chulk 1 5 5
4 Gutix 0 3 1
5 CTG 0 1 0
6 Krys Toff 0 0 1
AbuRaf70 0 0 1
Zak McKracken 0 0 1
Overdrijf 0 0 1

External Links

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