Dark Chaser

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Brazilian racer whose career started in 2004, also known as Darkie or Alê (a contraction of Alexandre). Dark Chaser became the first Brazilian to achieve top-driver status after Fdzierva won the first two ZakStunts races. Alongside with racing and winning the second season of 4D Stunts League, Dark Chaser took part in ZakStunts as a member of The Guns Of Brixton. His talents soon opened him doors in other teams, and so he moved to Damage Inc. in 2005 and then to Orion in 2006. During that period, he achieved a second place in ZakStunts (Z50), as well as a victory in USC (Porto, season 2005-2006). After the 2006 season, Dark Chaser essentially retired from racing, save for a comeback on the first half of 2008, in which, among other things, he won the second season of JACStunts with incredibly strong performances under the demanding NoRH/OWOOT ruleset. Later on, he would start Copa Stunts, his own (TW)OWOOT competition. A popular racer in his heyday, Dark Chaser was notorious for his numerous 14-days leaves, always neatly announced by the forum. He also is a close friend of another Brazilian racer, vamologocomisso.