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French player who joined in 2002 as a member of the golden generation of Stunts. He's by far the most active racer ever (over 300 races) and he also managed competitions: IMSA Cup, WRC Stunts and Feel The Thrill. His best results: two times Stunts LOL champion (2002, 2003), HOTU Stunts champion in 2003, silver (2005/2006, 2006/2007) and bronze (2003, 2004/2005) medalist of USC.

Career as a Stunts racer:
Joined the community at the end of July 2002, and signed with Orion team the month after. He also raced in sub-Orion teams in ISA/IRC competitions as there were allowed only 2 drivers per team, and Orion was already represented by Mingva and Alain il Professore. Thus, he raced as member of Pegasus team with Alain's brother, Seyia in 2002 at ISA competition, and so he did in IRC competition (sequel to ISA competition) with Leo Ramone in Stunts Temple Pilots team for 2003 season.
At the end of 2003 he decided to leave Orion team and created Damage Inc. team with CTG and Diesel Joe.

He's the father of 4 children, and 2 of them raced a few Stunts races under the nicks Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird.
Krys Toff also has a reputation for his wide knowldege of rock music. People also call him "The Horny Frenchman" and "Krys Töff" or, paying homage to the wonders of the Hungarian language, Krys BÖFF.