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WRC Stunts is a competition composed of 6 rallies of 4 tracks each, managed by Krys TOFF between 2003 and 2006.
Each track lasted 1 week and one different car was used for each track. Only rally-like and quite slow cars of the game were used during this competition : Audi Quattro Sport, Lancia Delta Integrale and Lamborghini LM-002 and a modified car named Coconut Car Coronet Pulsar STi-R.

Racing rules were free : shortcuts allowed, no checkpoint, no OWOOT rule. The winner of each rally was the driver with the smallest sum of times of the different tracks of the rally, like in real life WRC where sum of all steps define the winner of the rally.
Regarding the championship classification, points were given according to each rally classification, and each "step" winner had also 1 bonus point.
CTG won 2 rallies but missed rallies 1 and 4, that's why he finished only at the 4th place overall while a medal was easily possible for him.

In order to celebrate the most active racer, an overall "Yellow shirt" award was also given to the racer with the shortest cumulative time of ALL tracks. If one racer didn't took part in 1 step (or more), he had automatically the worst time of the step + 1 second as his own time. Therefore, missing a step after winning the 3 others could make you loose the rally.
A team classification was made also, but only the best 2 racers per team could earn points for their team.

This competition had a huge break between 4th and 5th rally (not any race in 2005) due to Krys TOFF's lazyness.
Starting with 4th rally (named Corsica), the 4 tracks of 1 rally had as landscape the representation of the country where the rally took part.

Results per rally

1st rally: Italy (September 2003) Overal winner: Bonzai Joe

2nd rally: Kenya (January 2004) Overall winner: CTG

3rd rally: Sweden (March 2004) Overall winner: Gutix

4th rally: Corsica (October 2004) Overall winner: Gutix

5th rally: Argentina (November 2006) Overall winner: CTG

  • Step 1 winner : Gutix
  • Step 2 winner : CTG
  • Step 3 winner : CTG
  • Step 4 winner : CTG

6th rally: United Kingdom (December 2006) Overall winner: Gutix


Final Ranking
1st Gutix
2nd Zak McKracken
3rd Krys TOFF

Team Championship
1st Cork's Crew
2nd MeganiuM Aces High
3rd Damage Inc.

"The Race" champion a.k.a. Yellow Shirt Award winner : Zak McKracken

External links

Website : http://wrcstunts.free.fr
(Krys TOFF's comment : there is a weird bug in the website and results shown are not correct, I have to fix this)