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Zapper's car pack is based on all the original cars in 4D Sports Driving / Stunts. It was made by Zapper and released in 2002.


The cars contained in this pack have their filenames changed (the car filename codes start with "Z", e.g. "ZFGT" instead of "FGTO" for Ferrari GTO) in order to avoid file collisions with the original ones. Also, each car has a defined "z" suffix for the in-game fastest time record table and the car descriptions state "Tuned For Real by ZAPPER".

All modifications were limited to only the car parameters which include:

  • Torque curve;
  • Idle, Max and Shifting RPM values;
  • Max speed (adjusting mass);
  • Gear ratios;
  • Gear console pattern coordinates;
  • Analog speedometer and rev counter needle coordinates;

and exclude the 3D shape and dashboard graphics.

These modifications were made using the Car Blaster program.


The car pack is formed with modified versions of all the original cars in the game but also contains two new cars:

  • Audi Quattro TDI - A pseudo variant of the Quattro model that has the performance of a big V10 turbo diesel engine. It also makes use of the Corvette's dashboard with its 6000 RPM tachometer and 6-speed gear pattern.
  • Porsche 911 Turbo (version 1.0) - A new version based on the original 911 Carrera 4 with performance and physics specifications providing 320 HP and rear wheel drive.

Table showing modifications made to the original cars:

Car Acceleration Max Speed Rev Limiter Gear Ratios Speedometer Tachometer Gear Console*
Audi Quattro Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lamborghini Countach Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ferrari GTO Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corvette ZR-1 Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Lancia Delta Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Jaguar XJR9 No No No No No Yes Yes
Lamborghini LM-002 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Porsche 962 No No No No No No Yes
Porsche March Indy Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Honda (Acura) NSX Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

* All gearbox consoles were corrected to show a perfect manual gear pattern and their shift points (@ RPM) were adjusted to each car's torque curve to be optimal in automatic mode.

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