Car colours

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An unmodified version of Stunts offers eleven car colours to the racers, seven of them being available for each car. Given that there are eleven original cars, one might suppose there is an one-to-one relation between cars and default colours, but that is not the case - for instance, four of the eleven original cars default to blue. As creating custom cars with modified graphics became possible, new colours were added to the canonical set. Popular novelties include black (default colour of Speedgate) and British Racing Green (default colour of the Lotus Esprit).

Colour preferences

Some racers are known for racing almost exclusively with cars of an specific colour. Below are listed some of the better known such cases. Note that these preferences often span a small range of similar colours (e.g. in this context "violet" almost always implies "lilac or violet").

Racer Favourite colour Noteworthy exceptions
AbuRaf70 Blue
Alan Rotoi Yellow
Bonzai Joe Red
Chulk Silver -> White -> Grey
CTG Red Jaguar: green; Melange: tricolour; Speedgate: black
Duplode Violet Acura and Corvette: golden; LM002: dark grey
Erik Barros Golden
Friker Violet
Gutix Violet
Krys TOFF Yellow
KyLiE Red
Roy Wiegerinck Green
Shoegazing Leo Sky blue
Usrin Yellow
Zak McKracken Red